Childbirth Preparation

Childbirth Preparation

As Birthing From Within© mentors we offer something much more than imparting clear information on birth. We mentor parents to acknowledge and build upon resources within, motivate you to be active participants in your journey to parenthood, and prepare you to meet labor and birth as your sacred initiation into parenthood. In unique and innovative ways, Birthing From Within childbirth preparation will mentor parents to know what to do when the information is not in the book, and activate your courage and flexibility that is necessary to enter and meet the unknown. We aim to accommodate for spontaneity similar to that which birth may bring in order to offer classes adapted to your specific needs.

Classes include a variety of modalities such as discussions, learning through art and stories, videos, and hands on activities.

Some topics covered in our classes include:

  • Prenatal health and nutrition
  • Stages of labor
  • Creating your birth space, wherever your birth is.
  • Recognizing your own strengths and intuitive knowledge
  • Building a pain-coping mindset through practice
  • Learning how to “lose it” in labor and push your baby out
  • Knowing your options, informed consent, and the ”next best thing”
  • Exploring when the use of pain medication might be wise and compassionate
  • Learning how to birth with awareness, no matter what your birth outcome
  • Being a birth guardian or companion (with special time for birth partners)
  • Postpartum health and wellness
  • Welcoming your new baby & baby care basics
  • Community Resources & Referrals… and much more!

With our modern, busy lifestyles it’s important to set aside time to connect with yourself, your baby, your partner, and your community. Visit our class schedule to see if we have a class available for you.

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“Every type of birth is criticized. Hospital, home, cesarean, vbac. So educate yourself, know you options,  and then do what’s best for you.”
January Harshey